Qsalt offers you the salt-solution. 

Our mission:

"To create an added value in selling salt for our customers by searching continuously for the correct product at the right price. This we accomplish by optimise constantly the way of delivery, packaging and/or storage through which we create a strong band with the customer."

Qsalt specializes in the wholesale trade of salts. Our knowhow and years of experience allow Qsalt to offer you the best solution for any application. We stock every kind of salt in our range.

We supply salt for water softeners, but also food grade kitchen and table salt in large or small quantities, salt for your pool, a range of salts for industrial use, grit or rock salt and salt for agricultural purposes. Qsalt also offers a range of maintenance products and the installation and maintenance of your water softener system, both in your private house or business.

We deliver salt right up to your water softener system, pool or storage space (>300kg). Smaller quantities (>100kg) can be picked up at our warehouse.

Thanks to our extended range of salts Qsalt can meet any demand. You need salt for a particular application or very specific use? Qsalt will help you decide on the right salt and the most economical way of delivering it to your doorstep.


Business hours:
Office: Monday – Friday 8am-12am / 1pm-5pm 
Warehouse: Monday – Friday 8am-12am / 1pm-4pm


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